Team Building and Self-Empowerment

Team Building Skills

Charlotte Riaz, a voluntary trainer from the UK, started training on “soft skills”. The objective was to give our ladies skills for teamwork and to become more self-aware and empowered to manage conflict and confrontation. The training has been well received and the ladies welcome Charlotte’s commitment and admire her willingness to speak to them in her broken Sinhala.

Charlotte’s training has wider positive implications in terms of life skills – both within individual family units and the wider village community. The ladies have expressed an interest in further parent training and requested some work to be done with their children. Parenting skills will be incorporated into the overall future training programme and Charlotte is keen to start working with some children’s groups.

Charlottes training was supplemented by Yasanthi Soysa who used her background in working with other NGO’s on this subject to initiate interactive discussions and give practical examples on the benefits of self development, listening skills and time management.

Yasanthi has passed on the information she gathered at an ILO (International Labour Organisation) training session on how to setup small businesses, manage productivity, marketing and accounting to further train our income generation team to continue their learning and think about forming a small co-operative.