Dampura School


Dampura School

After a successful project in India 2015, CFDC have continued to work with Dampura School in 2016 to build a science laboratory and a maths classroom with help from many donors and volunteers.

Since our involvement, Dampura School has won a number of local and district awards and are proving to be a model school in the area. This is an admirable achievement and has only been possible through dedicated staff, volunteers and resources we have been able to provide.


Assembly Hall
For 2017-2018 we plan to create a new multi-functional Assembly Hall, which will for the first time allow children to dine indoors away from the midday sun and monsoon rains and can be used for other educational and social activities.

Skype Pals
In December 2017-2018, CFDC embarked on a project to teach spoken English to as many children as possible through role play, games, singing and art. This initiative is to prepare the students for our Skype Pals project that has been so successful in Sri Lanka.