Sri Lanka

The trustees are personally committed to the success of implementing our projects. We aim to keep administration costs to a minimum and pledge that donations will be directed only to the victims.

Project Reach is a long term development project, aimed at addressing the needs for housing, sanitation, health, education and vocational training.

Reach provide targeted support, encouragement and empowerment to individuals to help them become independent, productive and resourceful citizens, with a better quality of life.


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Project Reach

Our first project was based in a small village in southern Sri Lanka focused on providing emergency repairs to tsunami affected homes and assisting with medical needs. We continue this work and have since then developed a women’s co-operative that are trained...
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Skype Pals

In 2013 we pioneered what we refer to as the Skype Pals program, taking its name from the old concept of Pen pals but using Skype as the method of communication. This program involves children from Hurstpierpoint School in Sussex and Singiti...
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CFDC run a pre-school for children between the ages of 3-6, living in a slum of Colombo. The area is well known for drug and alcohol issues and provides very little support to children. The school offers these under privileged children the...
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Our most recent collaboration is with Ecsat, an orgnisation that works with adults and children unable to achieve their potential because of physical or mental disabilities. Ecsat aim to make disability a visible part of everyday life in communities and break down...
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